publisher and editor

There are different jobs for fantage users, there are photographers, if you want to become a photographer it is very simple. First log into fantage, find some news then press the button on your keyboard print screen. Then open up a paint document and press paste, crop the image down to the news then you have pictures you put them on the published articles the publishers and editors have put on the home page. But the picture has to match the topic.

Editors and publishers have to type the articles and publish them when the reporters from fantage are back with the news, they will roughly type what is going on in fantage in the discussion page. Then the editors and publishers must type it in and after they publish the article only words the photographers will upload pictures in the articles on the home page.

Reporters have an important roll as well as the others, they are depended on to get good news for fantage. Choose your jobs wisely for this website.